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'We must avoid it at all costs!' Brexiteer blasts Remainer who wants second Brexit vote

[VIDEO] BREXITEER John Mills skewered a Remainer who says Britons should get an opportunity to vote again on Brexit if talks “go badly”.

Mr Mills criticised James McGrory, co-executive director of Open Britain, who said people had a “right to change their mind”.



The businessman, who is chairman of Labour Leave, said a second referendum would cause “enormous complications” and should not happen.

Appearing on All Out Politics on Sky News, Mr Mills added a second vote could lead to “nothing in place” which would be the “worst possible outcome” for the UK.

The Labour party donor was responding to Mr McGrory’s call for the Government to deliver what it had promised on Brexit.

Mr McGrory said: “I think people have every right to look at what they were promised during the referendum campaign.

“To look at what the Government have promised them and say take a view on it in the future and if it isn’t what they were promised, and if things are going badly, and it is going to leave us poorer, people have every right to change their mind.

“That’s not where we are at the moment, the Government have a right to negotiate but they’ve got to negotiate and deliver what they promised.”

But Mr Mills hit back and said there should be no offer of a referendum when negotiations are set to be complete in 2019, or at any other time.

“I think it’s going to be very difficult to have a referendum in two years’ time, which is going to decide anything that makes any real sense,” he said.

“Is the referendum going to be on what terms are being offered at the time or is the referendum going to be on whether we should start all over again?

“I must say, the complications involved in doing this seem to be enormous, I don’t think it will ever happen.”

Asked if MPs could turn around and say Brexit was a mistake, Mr Mills added: “I think the danger then is that we finish up with nothing in place at all at the end of the day, which seems to me the worst possible outcome and one to be avoided at all costs.”

Meanwhile, Theresa May will seek Jeremy Corbyn’s support to deliver Brexit as she accepts the “reality I now face as Prime Minister”.

Mrs May is to make a direct appeal to the Leader of the Opposition and other parties to “contribute, not just criticise” her policies in the House of Commons.

The Prime Minister is determined not to soften her position on Brexit as is expected to renew her pledge to “act with an unshakeable sense of purpose”.

Theresa May is to make the comments at the launch of a review into modern working practices on Tuesday where she is expected to speak on the future of Brexit.

The Prime Minister will reportedly say: “When I commissioned this report I led a majority government in the House of Commons. The reality I now face as Prime Minister is rather different."


Article originally posted on the on 10 July 2017

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