Behind the Mask – why the “Best for Britain” campaign is anything but…

By David Price

Ah yes, that old trick. Youre in the car showroom, eyeing up a bewildering array of shiny new models, and a sharp-suited salesman comes up to you and says as if hes an old friend whos known you all your life – “this is the car for you!Its amazing, hes so helpful hes an expert and he can instantly pinpoint the best for you. What could possibly go wrong?

Lets rewind for a moment though, shall we? The guys on a commission, and needs to sell a certain amount of stock every week. Without that, his income is at risk or maybe even his job. Theres this old model thats been sitting on the sales floor so long its got grass growing underneath. Its the wrong colour, the wrong spec and much to his annoyance, every punter whos been in has walked on by. Hes got to sell it, he has to close the deal. Hes hardly going to say, hey mate, please buy this old jalopy or I wont make my target, instead he turns it around and declares it to be, the best for you…”

Of course, smiling people with firm handshakes, friendly grins and confident demeanours always know whats best for you, dont they? Thats because they know whats best for them, and this is really all about them. People giving you the hard sell know youll only bite if they convince you that their desired outcome is actually your desired outcome its just that you dont know it yet. Youre a canny consumer, a seasoned shopper in the marketplace of ideas so the last thing youd do is drive out in an underpants beigecar with no smartphone connectivity, or a satnav whose maps were last updated when the M25 was built. Why then start believing lavishly funded campaigners who seem to know whats best for your country?

Expect to hear a lot of the new Best for Britaincampaign in the coming months, as it is backed by George Soros the man who bet against the Pound in the early nineties as it crashed out of the ERM, and made billions. Thats billions by the way that British taxpayers ordinary working people lost as our government piled in enough money to gold plate every NHS hospital floor, to support Sterling. Well, hes back telling us whats best. Hes not fronting Best for Britainof course, that honour goes to assorted EU-fanatical former MPs some of whom, like Nick Clegg, receive fat EU pensions. Funny how whats bestfor us, also happens to be bestfor them

The truth is that Britains continued membership of the European Union is best for big business and boy do they know it. With the UK outside, living as a free, independent country able to make laws via directly elected constituency MPs in the House of Commons, their lives and the jobs of their globalist friends suddenly become a lot harder. Instead of phoning up their old mates in the unelected European Commission and telling them what laws they want for this or that money-making adventure or at least paying their handsomely remunerated teams of lawyers and lobbyists to do it for them they have to deal with British MPs with a keen sense of what their constituents might actually think.

Its not just the United Kingdom of course, because a quiet word in the ear of the right person in Brussels gets you heard by a body that makes most of the laws across every EU member state. The EU is a dreamboat for globalists, mega corporations, super-lobbyists and tycoons the world over its a one-stop shop that gets the job done – absolutely immune from the childish, selfish whims of we the people. No need to worry about our feelings when youre trying to ramrod another law through to benefit your investments or interests, is there?

A few weeks ago Italian voters were told that they werent allowed to have a finance minister in their new coalition government who was sceptical of Italys continued membership of the Euro. He went on record saying that the Euro is killing his countrys economy, and he was right. Then European Budget Commissioner Gunther Oettinger arrogantly blustered that the money markets would show Italians how to vote, if they had another general election. The mask is slipping, and the EU is being revealed for what it really is. They know whats best for us, but actually it is best for them.

Labour Leave will campaign to achieve a fair deal from Brexit negotiations. We recognise the will of the UK public and will hold the government and the Labour Party to account.

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