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Blair is hopelessly wrong on Brexit

The ex-leader's call for Remainers to try to overturn Brexit shows very poor judgement.

A small clique of elite politicians, businessmen and commentators will stop a nothing to thwart the democratic will of the British people. They cannot accept the notion that the public voted by majority to leave the European Union. Their sheer arrogance is extraordinary and their patronizing utterances that we the people were misinformed is contemptible.

Today, former Prime Minister Tony Blair, arguably Labour’s most successful Leader joined this merry band of Euro-fanatics.  Tony Blair announced that it was his mission to convince the British people of the error of their ways and to get them to change their mind. Blair see’s himself as a Holy Crusader coming down from the mountain to save his people from their own ignorance and stupidity. But, the people have already chosen to save themselves from Brussels.

On June 23rd the British people took an informed decision to leave the European Union. Through the referendum campaign it was made perfectly clear by both leave and remain campaigners that leaving the European Union would also mean leaving the Single Market and the Customs Union. Blair, and his friends seeking to deny the will of the people hold this decision in contempt. For all their remarks on respecting the outcome of the vote, their secret desire is to keep us in the European Union.

Blair suggests in his speech that the Labour Party is facilitating Brexit, and as a result the country will suffer. Such a statement is frankly absurd. 70% of Labour constituencies voted to leave the European Union and therefore it is entirely appropriate that the Labour Party formally supported giving the Prime Minister the power to invoke Article 50.  To have voted differently would result in the total collapse of the Labour Party in the north and the midlands at the next election. Blair is prepared to put the European Union before his own party.

New Labour had many great achievements when in government. The minimum wage, Sure Start, peace in Northern Ireland and a host of other achievements are now often forgotten. But the seeds of Brexit were sewn under Blair’s premiership. Globalization and the mass immigration from the European Union into the UK led to compression for those on lower wages and the global banking crash in 2008 left parts of the country ruined. People wanted to take back control of their lives, and they did so on June 23rd.

During the campaign we were told that leaving the European Union while remaining in the Single Market would be the worst of all worlds. In the market but with no say over decisions affecting the market.  Remainers now want us to accept this very same position, claiming that the United Kingdom never voted to leave the Single Market. Remainers don’t want the United Kingdom to control its own destiny and live its own dream. They don’t want the awesome responsibility of government and leadership.  If they don’t feel they are capable of holding such incredibly duties and leading this nation they should leave and make way for those who can and will.

Like a lot of those who deny the outcome of the vote, Blair claimed that people do not realize the destination this country is heading towards once Article 50 has been invoked.  This is condescension of the highest order. People knew exactly what they were voting for. Blair calls for the people to rise up against Brexit but he fails to realize that on June 23rd they did rise up against the establishment in Brussels.  It’s time for the Euro-fanatics to accept they lost, get over it and move on.


Brendan Chilton


Image: Flickr/USAID_IMAGES

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