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Brexit and Labour

Opinion Piece by Faye Lowley

It is regrettable that the Supreme Court had to be involved in the matter of a parliamentary vote because of a case brought by a now infamous woman, Gina Miller. Parliament will have a vote on the triggering of Article 50, but many of us Brexiteers still feel slighted that there had to be a vote. Didn't the majority vote to leave the EU on June 23rd?- that should have been sufficient.

But this week I am heartened to read that objections to triggering of Article 50 may run out of steam and the bill introduced by the government will in effect be passed. It would seem the Tories who were planning some sort of revolt have decided to knuckle down, along with the support of many Labour MPs complying with Jeremy Corbyn's demand for safe passage of the bill.

Labour appear to be in turmoil over Brexit. Corbyn has not been consistent, he has lacked leadership and should have united the party under him. Labour Leave have demonstrated strength in their determination to stand firm in their position over leaving the EU. These MPs obviously wish to honour the will of their constituents and respect democracy. Those like Ben Bradshaw, for example, have still not come to the realisation that the people have voted and the majority have voted to leave. They may regret their refusal to accept the democratic vote the next time there is an election.

There is a huge body of people out there who comment and write on Facebook who are very disillusioned with Labour as a party. They feel the working classes have been badly let down by the party, and after voting Labour for over 40 years they will never again vote Labour. They have witnessed a total disregard for the serious issues people raised as reasons for wanting to leave the EU. This is important because UKIP are waiting in the wings to cash in on these prospective voters come the next by-election or general election. People will simply not forget, they have become bitter and need a party to look up to, and UKIP may fill that need.

As for Brexit and future trade deals, with the support of the United States and Trump after Theresa May's visit to the White House, I think we have a good ally in Trump. You may not like him, but he is the leader of the most powerful nation in the world and if he prefers to trade with us rather than the EU we should be thankful. He was elected in a landslide victory by the voters in the US and he has already set to work to try and change some of the unpopular policies of his predecessor. It is a great advantage to us that he predicted Brexit and that he is glad we have elected to opt out of a supranational consortium-Trump's description.

We need the continued support of the general public in order to achieve our goal and leave the EU. There are many people out there anxiously awaiting the next move-they will not settle for less than a hard Brexit.


Labour Leave shares a number of viewpoints from external commentators, both Leave and Remain, without necessarily endorsing any of the viewpoints therein.

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Labour Leave will campaign to achieve a fair deal from Brexit negotiations. We recognise the will of the UK public and will hold the government and the Labour Party to account.

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