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Brexit and....Trump-an observation by Faye Lowley

This past week there's been a virtual revolution. We have seen Labour, including even Diane Abbott, succumbing to the people's will and refraining from blocking the passage of the Article 50 bill. Theresa May has been remarkably skillful in the drafting of this briefly worded bill and ensured that no amendments were passed. I am hopeful that the House of Lords will not try to obstruct its passage because they must also know that their future as a body hangs in the balance.

As a friend of mine pointed out, all this has been achieved by Brexiteers, limited media support, no protest marches, in the presence of the usual onslaught of Remainers' propaganda. The only downside to this week in Parliament has been the inappropriate ban imposed by Bercow on the US President, Donald Trump, speaking in Parliament. The Daily Express pointed out yesterday that Bercow has a seedy past, to put it mildly, so it is rather hypocritical of him to cast aspersions on Trump when his shortcomings are more numerous and serious.

But, whatever you might say about Trump, his support for Brexit and other nations in Europe breaking away from the EU has had a profound effect on the people's revolution. I am rather tired of the Left ripping Trump to shreds at every turn. They simply don't understand what has happened in America, nor why it happened. I read an excellent article this week in the Guardian of all papers. Their usual run of the mill journalists hate Trump, hate Brexit and are simply too Left leaning for their own good.

It was written by an American journalist, John Davidson, who writes for 'the Federalist' in the US. The title of the article was 'Trump is no Fascist. He is a champion for the forgotten millions.' He seeks to dispel the falsehoods surrounding Trump and succeeds. '….casting Trump and his supporters as fascists and xenophobes, an outsider might be forgiven for thinking that America has been taken over by a small faction of right wing Nationalists.' He continues, 'For years, millions of voters have felt left behind by an economic recovery that largely excluded them, a culture that scoffed at their beliefs and a government that promised change but failed to deliver.' I rather think that has shades of the reasons why Brits voted for Brexit!

He is so popular because he is anti Establishment and the people who voted him into office in their millions finally found someone who was willing to listen to them and promise them jobs, control of their borders etc. This was given extra impetus by our referendum vote in June, people from across the pond saw how Brits contrary to all expectations from the pundits voted to leave the EU. It was a good example of democracy in action.

Now we have Brussels slamming Trump and claiming they will block his choice of US Ambassador to the EU-simply because the guy came out strongly against the EU, praised Brexit, predicted the fall of the euro and said he had been partly instrumental in the fall of Communism. I can imagine how they hate him already-they are petrified and extremely jealous of our close relationship with America and the fact that Trump said we will be at the front of the queue when it comes to trade deals post Brexit.

Against all the odds Brexit seems to be shining like a bright spot on the horizon. With the economy already ahead of most European countries after the Brexit vote we are on our way to being a global, independent nation again.

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