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Brexit is our 'Vietnam', according to LSE academic

Just when you thought the hyperbole and hysteria of Establishment Britain couldn't become any more absurd, they come out with something so silly that it warrants some discussion. The latest of these is the claim that Brexit is our "Vietnam".

A democratic vote to leave a vast imperial bloc is being compared to a bloody, dismal war in which America dropped more bombs than in the whole of WW2, and the death toll topped a million, with millions more wounded. That an academic at one of our most prestigious universities considers this a comparison of merit is quite concerning.

More concerning still is the uncritical, servile worship of the EU that has characterised the Academy almost in its entirety. This overbearing, imperial bureaucracy has just crushed Greece, it has previously replaced two elected governments in member states, not to mention the misery it has inflicted on millions with its disastrous and foolish Euro project. And yet what you hear from the universities, those great bastions of critical thought and open enquiry, is just wailing and weeping. For such proud 'internationalists' they seem to have very little interest in industrial scale crimes as long as they're committed against other, smaller, weaker nations.

Conor Gearty would no doubt claim that the analogy hinged on his notion that Brexit is a terrible tragedy unfolding before our eyes but "no one with authority seems able to say so". This is a bizarre claim for two reasons.

Firstly, what exactly is the Brexit apocalypse we keep hearing about? What terrible blow has been struck against Britain? The economy has grown, employment is up, investment in Britain remains high, sterling is currently trading at 1.35 against the dollar. Where is the appalling tragedy Remainers keep telling us about? Certainly there is a lot of squabbling, both domestically and with the EU, but that is the nature of important negotiations - it is hardly comparable to a bloody war.

Secondly, the idea that Remainers and those in authority are having to keep quiet about their concerns is one of the most extraordinary things I have read in some time. Nothing could be further from the truth. They are howling and weeping on a daily basis, from their prestigious and highly remunerated platforms - with Gearty's article a prime example. Their allegedly timid, downtrodden, cowed members include Tony Blair, Nick Clegg, Tim Farron, countless MPs, countless lords, senior bankers, the entirety of the EU establishment, the majority of European member states and around half the British press. And let's not forget, almost every academic in the country. Who will speak up for these voiceless souls?

Had people known just how much hysterical nonsense like this they would have to listen to it's possible they would have voted Remain, as it really has been tiresome in the extreme. Alternatively, I'd like to think there are quite a few Remainers out there who, having seen the infantile meltdown of our entire elite, are now wishing they'd voted Leave too...

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