Given the recent High Court ruling that the government can no longer enact Article 50 without the permission of the Remain dominated parliament, Labour Leave is launching an urgent campaign

  • Demand our MP's respect the results of the referendum and not meddle with the process of leaving the European Union.
  • Continue to run national campaigns putting presure on the government by making sure that there is a pro-Brexit opposition voice, protecting rights and fighting for a fair Brexit
  • Nearly 2 / 3 constituencies voted to leave - 408 of 650, Only 242 of 650 constituencies voted to remain, In 388 of 650 constituencies the leave vote exceeded the vote for the sitting MP.
Sign our petition for democracy, MP's must enact Brexit

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Therefore we ask everyone to sign our petition urging Members of Parliament to enact the result of the referendum and to trigger article 50 and leave the EU.

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