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European Commission issues UK FINAL WARNING!

The European Commission issued the UK its final warning over its continued breaches of air pollution limits yesterday.

All major UK cities are constantly breaking these limits, with London, Birmingham, Glasgow and Leeds being singled out as the worst offenders.

The Commission has given the UK two months to take immediate action or it will send the case to the European Court of Justice.

The UK has been in breach of EU nitrogen dioxide (NO2) limits since 2010 with London exceeding air pollution limits for the entire year in January.

The NO2 type of pollution is typically generated from factories and vehicles, with diesel engines being the worst polluters, particular in urban areas.

Many have called for the Mayor of London to take action and some have suggested the government introduce the diesel scrappage scheme, where they offer up to £3500 to motorists to switch to a unleaded or electric vehicles.

In response the Mayor has promised to double the funding available to tackle air pollution in London over the next five years and is likely to introduce a £5 charge for all pre-2005 diesel cars entering the city in a bid to clean up the air.

Air pollution has been linked with close to 40,000 deaths across the UK each year and in December the Mayor was forced to issue an air quality alert across London, warning those with existing health problems to take extra care.

If you are exposed to emissions over the long-term then diseases like asthma and heart and lung diseases can be more common.

It should be noted that Germany, France, Italy and Spain have also been served with their own final warnings.

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