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Is this the year of populism and patriotism?

Opinion Blog by Faye Lowley

It seems the winds of change are blowing fast and furiously this year ever since the summer of 2016 when a historic referendum was held, giving the people of Britain a chance to vote on membership of the EU.

In 1973 Brits were misled into thinking that the Common Market, as the EU was then called, was merely a customs union and would give free access to other European nations' markets. But, seemingly Edward Heath knew that it was not so, but deceived the British people by keeping this information in the dark.

In June Brits voted en masse to leave the EU because, like Americans who voted for Trump, they had had enough of the Establishment, corruption, being neglected and left by the wayside while the elitists got richer and richer. The time had come!

Brits have woken up and are relishing the opportunity to voice their opinions, share information with like-minded people on Facebook and Twitter, and now have a taste for freedom from the clutches of Brussels. There is a tremendous camaraderie between people from all walks of life discussing the political scene intelligently. And, unlike the Left, it is nearly 100% peaceful. When there are marches in London or wherever, in favour of getting on with triggering Article 50, they are non-violent. The same can not be said for the other side-the remoaners- who have difficulty in grasping that they lost the referendum and are sore losers, unfortunately.  

If only the parties who predominantly voted to remain in the EU would realise that there is a tremendous opportunity to go forth and succeed right now. This is a great moment for someone from the Labour party to seize the initiative and lead the party to a glorious Brexit. It is going to happen, we are going to leave, so once they have accepted it the real success story will begin. We must not heed the naysayers as they have ulterior motives and are not thinking of the best interests of their country.

Elsewhere in Europe the winds of change are blowing, too. In France there is Mme. Le Pen who is spurred on by Brexit and Donald Trump's win in America. Her party is no longer 'Far Right' as the Left keep calling it. She has moderated her policies and views to suit the changing mood of her nation. She could well win. If she does the future of the EU will hang in the balance.

Then there is Gert Wilders in Holland who has surged in popularity due to his anti immigrant stance. Their elections are to be held this month.

As for Germany they are holding elections later this year. I have a feeling people have had enough of Mrs Merkel and may vote in Martin Schulz, a former EU Commissioner. But Germany ever bearing the guilt complex about their past history will not swing much to the right, even though they do have right wing parties who are gaining a little ground.

Italy is suffering under great financial burdens and some sort of upheaval might take place there soon. They are burdened by the mass migration into the South of Italy, being so close to Northern Africa.

Finally, Greece is crumbling as we speak. Their debts are getting out of hand and the austerity measures demanded of them by the EU are getting increasingly unpopular and there have already been riots. There is a good chance that Greece will drop out of the Euro currency.

The US President, Donald Trump, welcomes the resurgence of sovereign nations, and his influence may have an effect on other nations in the EU, as well. As we look to the future with hope and optimism it looks like this year will go down in history as the year of the people. Long may our spirit of freedom flourish!

Labour Leave shares a number of viewpoints from external commentators, both Leave and Remain, without necessarily endorsing any of the viewpoints therein.

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