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It is MISSION IMPOSSIBLE, claims leading EU Politician, slamming UK Government

A top European Union politician today criticised the UK government for not explaining to the British people the true value of the EU, claiming that Brexit was ‘MISSION IMPOSSIBLE’ and would cause ‘a lot of damage’.

The politician in question is Manfred Weber, he is the leader of the largest political group in the European Parliament. He said that the process of Brexit was a daunting task.

Weber also heavily criticised the UK government's handling of the EU Referendum, insisting that benefits of EU membership should have been better explained to the British public.

During a press conference located in Strasbourg, Mr Weber was accompanied by the European Union's chief Brexit negotiator Guy Verhofstadt, where he claimed the scale of the Brexit challenge was substantial but reckoned that the EU would be able to cope.

“When I have a look at the content and the topics on the table, for me it is still Mission Impossible ahead of us but we can manage this,” he said.

“This will create a lot of damage, especially for the Brits, for sure, nobody had the wish to do this but it is the reality, said the Chair of European Peoples Party.

“We have to start to recognise this. This will not be an easy task ahead of us, especially having in mind to defend the interests of the European Union.

“It will be a mirror, from my point of view, to show the people in the European Union that it is much more better to reform the European Union than to destroy the European Union.

“It will show what Europe is all about.

“None of the British politicians ever explained to people in Great Britain what is Europe, nobody. And with Brexit everybody will understand this, in a negative way.”

The so-called “associate citizenship” proposals were still on the table and could become a reality claimed Mr Verhofstadt.

He continued: “Within a few weeks we will come forward with a proposal for a resolution.”

He added that the purpose of the parliament’s resolution on Brexit would be to influence the guidelines for the negotiations that will be decided by the heads of government in the European Council and handed to the official in charge of the talks, Michel Barnier.

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