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MPs WILL get meaningful vote

BREAKING NEWS: David Jones,  the Brexit minister, has just announced that both peers and MPs will get a vote on the final Brexit deal before it is agreed with the EU. 

This is a significant climbdown on the Article 50 Bill and an attempt to see off Tory rebels.

It means MPs and peers will vote on the final deal before the European parliament does.

He says:

I can confirm that the Government will bring forward a motion on the final agreement to be agreed by both Houses of Parliament before it's concluded and we expect and intend that this will happen before the European Parliament debates and votes on the final agreement.

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First time that clarity has been given'
In response, Keir Starmer says: "It covers the Article 50 agreement and it covers any future relationship, that is the first time we've heard this, it is a very significant position and I'm very grateful that it's been made.

"I don't want to underplay the significance of what has just been said about the two deals because it is the first time that clarity has been given."

He says the Minister's announcement "meets in large part everything I've been driving at in New Clause 1".

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