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On the issue of recent leaks concerning future immigration from the EU, Labour Leave is concerned that these proposals strike the wrong note in terms of both policy and sentiment

We applaud efforts to improve the job security, opportunities and wages of the domestic labour force, particularly at the lower end of the income scale, but this can only work as part of a broader solution including apprenticeships, improved training, a reformed system of vocational qualifications and a serious look at our education system.

However, we recognise that migration from the continent provides many substantial benefits, both economic and cultural. Maintaining strong bonds of friendship and exchange with the continent is absolutely essential, and must be one of the primary principles of any post-Brexit settlement.

Sentiments also matter. These are delicate times, and the government needs to accurately reflect the view of the British public: we are Europeans, and migration from the continent, provided that it is not on an unmanageable scale, is a core part of our society, our economy and our history. To create an unnecessarily unwelcoming and ungrateful atmosphere would be a catastrophe."

Labour Leave shares a number of viewpoints from external commentators, both Leave and Remain, without necessarily endorsing any of the viewpoints therein.

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Labour Leave will campaign to achieve a fair deal from Brexit negotiations. We recognise the will of the UK public and will hold the government and the Labour Party to account.

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