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Powerful attempts are still being made to thwart Brexit

With Article 50 due to be invoked in a week’s time, the EU itself is trying to scupper a clear and successful Brexit for the UK and a highly privileged lawyer and remain fanatic is still attempting to halt the entire process before negotiations have even begun.

First let’s deal with this chap whose name is Jolyon QC (you couldn’t make it up! ‘Jog on’ more like) the most infuriating of continuity remain tweeters he is now attempting to use his skills of sophistry and position of privilege (tax lawyers are some of the best paid) to stop the UK fulfilling the clear decision of the people in the referendum. Having raised £10K in crowd funding he helped secure legal victory forcing the Government to ask parliamentary permission to enact Article 50, the decision that had already been politically given to the people. All the while seriously expecting us to believe it wasn’t an attempt to frustrate the referendum result!

Now Jolyon QC has given the game away, he is seeking in a Dublin court, hoping it will be referred to the EU Court of Justice (ECJ) in Luxembourg, to have Article 50 made reversible. He bases this on that old canard; the hope that the British public will change their mind. This is of course conveniently ignoring that such a change would incentivise the EU to offer us the worst possible deal knowing that the one thing that might sway the British people to change their decision is to deliberately make leaving the EU such a terrifying prospect economically that we will have little choice to come back begging to stay under EU rule but of course with worse terms than even Mr Cameron could manage.

The sheer double think is breathtaking! The entire basis for the success of his previous Article 50 case was that the process, once started, was irreversible once two years had elapsed. Now Jolyon wants to argue the exact opposite!

In case you were thinking there has been a new abundance of goodwill on the part of some in the EU towards us there is the, until now, secret attempt to tie the UK in legal knots if we decline to pay the eye watering sums we’re expected to hand over just for the mere privilege of exiting the undemocratic superstate.  

Our EU negotiating partners have signalled that nothing else will be agreed until our exit bill has been secured, and now it turns out that they’re willing to take us to court to ensure we do pay what we ‘owe’. A draft plan, apparently handed to a Dutch newspaper, threatens a long legal struggle at the International Court of Justice in the Hague, no less, to grab Britain’s ‘liabilities’ if we seek to avoid the punishment levy. This despite a recent House of Lords report saying we needn’t pay a penny. It is quite something when the EU is apparently disputing what even the House of Lords, not normally known for being Brexit allies, has conceded.

That an ivory tower tax lawyer wants to reverse Brexit at the ECJ, in contradiction to what he has just equally vehemently argued, and EU bureaucrats want to take us to a global court normally reserved for trying international war crimes, tells you that the battle for the UK to become an self-governing democratic country is far from over. We need to keep up the pressure on both the government and the Labour party.

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