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Questionable Surveys suggests UK EU Referendum Reverse

A questionable survey released by the Mirror yesterday suggested that if the EU Referendum was held tomorrow then the vote would be reversed with 51% voting for Remain and 49% voting for Leave. 

According to the Mirror this is the first signs of ‘Brexit Regret’ throughout the UK, and provides further ammunition for the anti-Brexit alliance that a 2ND EU Referendum should be pursued.

The poll also suggests that people are now less positive about Brexit, due to the Prime Minister's plans for a ‘clean’ Brexit.

The data was collected via a Google survey of approx 44,681 completed responses with only 35% of these being women, seriously throwing into question the findings of the results. It is also unclear at this time how the data results were finally produced.

As reported by Labour Leave the majority of voters would prefer the UK to regain control of its borders when compared to staying within the single market (with the assumed inclusion of free movement).

The poll claims that approx 55% of respondents feel that the UK is likely to breakup.

The Prime Minister came out ontop of personal findings, securing 31% of the vote share of the most impressive leader since the EU Referendum, with Nicola Sturgeon, leader of the SNP, coming 2nd claiming 19% of the vote. Jeremy Corbyn came 6th of a poll of 7 leaders, just ahead of Tim Farron on 11%.

Pat McFadden, Labour MP, who has backed the Open Britain campaign, said yesterday: “This poll shows the country continues to be divided over Brexit.

“The small but significant shift to Remain should be a warning to the Prime Minister that it would be a big mistake for her to believe the small majority for Leave in the referendum meant she didn’t have to care about the concerns of the 48% who voted Remain.

“She is driving the country towards a hard and potentially destructive Brexit when she should be trying to unite the country. We must ensure that jobs and prosperity are not sacrificed because of the ideological obsessions of hard-right Brexiteers.”

But Change Britain spokeswoman Chloe Westley said: “A number of recent polls show strong support for Brexit and that both Remain and Leave voters now want politicians to deliver the referendum result and to take back the control we need to build a better future for working class communities and for Britain.”

Labour Leave shares a number of viewpoints from external commentators, both Leave and Remain, without necessarily endorsing any of the viewpoints therein.

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