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Spain accused of causing Gibraltar traffic jams amid Brexit tensions

The Deputy Frist Minister of Gibraltar claims that Spanish Police on the border are causing problems for motorists seeking to enter the Rock amid increasing political tensions over the future of the British territory.

Deputy Chief Minister Joseph Garcia said, ““The latest action of Spain is obviously and clearly a response to the latest political climate... It is what they’ve always done but certainly it is totally and absolutely unacceptable.” This follows the EU negotiators decision to effectively give Spain a veto over the Brexit negotiations in all matters relating to Gibraltar.

The British government has reaffirmed its commitment to Gibraltar as a British overseas territory. Deputy Minister Garcia went on to further state that, “We have been told that the police officers deployed at the border, the Policía Nacional, are not the ones that are here normally. They don’t quite understand how they need to conduct the checks at the border.”

32,000 people live within Gibraltar and many Spaniards from over the border travel into the Rock every day for work, education and pleasure. This latest disruption to normal life in Gibraltar by Spain follows an incident earlier in the week where a Spanish Naval vessel entered into British territorial waters.

In outlining their terms for the Brexit negotiations, the European Parliament omitted to mention Gibraltar.

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