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Today, a moment in history that will be remembered forever

Today at 12.30pm the Prime Minister will write to Brussels informing them that the United Kingdom is invoking Article 50, the process by which we will leave the European Union. For many people this is the culmination of the end of many years of work, the UK is finally leaving the EU.

We have much to celebrate and many people and organizations to thank from all political parties and none.  At 12.30pm today we may enjoy a period of celebration, but we must not forget that now the real work begins. The negotiations will start the task of settling our new relationship with the European Union.

We must continue to monitor developments carefully and hold the Prime Minister, the Government and Parliament to account as our new relationship is negotiated.  We must not stand by and allow the expectations of the British people to be diluted.

From the negotiations we must ensure that we cease payments to the institutions of Brussels. We must regain total control of our territorial waters. We must be able to fully control our own immigration policy. We must ensure our Parliament is sovereign and that the United Kingdom is not subject to the Luxemburg Court. We must leave the Single Market and the Customs Union. These points cannot be negotiable.

Remember, no deal for the United Kingdom is better than the deal we have at present. Now is the time for the United Kingdom to come together and work to ensure we secure the best possible arrangements for our country and for the rest of the European Union.

Along the way there will be lots of challenges. There will be set backs and difficult and complicated meetings covering a range of detailed and specific matters of policy and process. But, at no point can we buckle. The United Kingdom is a great nation and a great power with global links that are unparalleled. We must remain confident. We must remain strong and we must remained focused and together we see Brexit through.

Labour Leave shares a number of viewpoints from external commentators, both Leave and Remain, without necessarily endorsing any of the viewpoints therein.

Please click on our advert above - This funds our Brexit campaign

Labour Leave will campaign to achieve a fair deal from Brexit negotiations. We recognise the will of the UK public and will hold the government and the Labour Party to account.

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