The Prime Minister has written to Brussels informing them that the United Kingdom is invoking Article 50, the process by which we will leave the European Union. For many people this is the culmination of many years of hard work, the UK is finally leaving the EU.

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The Brexit Countdown has begun

When the clock reaches zero, the UK will have officially left the European Union

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Our paper on leaving the Single Market.

Labour Leave's Top 5 Manifesto Objectives

Return all law-making powers to the UK Parliament, renewing our democracy.

Ensure complete control over immigration policy and visas.

Secure free trade in goods and services with Europe.

Pursue global trade deals which protect our public services.

Rebalance our economy, helping firms to achieve higher productivity, with rising wages and investing in the infrastructure to support export-led growth.

Labour Leave will campaign to achieve a fair deal from Brexit negotiations. We recognise the will of the UK public and will hold the government and the Labour Party to account.

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